Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ziva David

Ziva David (/ˈziːvə dəˈviːd/; Hebrew: זיוה דויד, pronounced , Ziva: "Brilliance", David: "Beloved"; born November 12, 1982 in Be'er Sheva, Israel) is a fictional character from the NCIS television series by CBS Television, portrayed by Chilean actress Coté de Pablo.

David was introduced in the Season 3 premiere episode "Kill Ari (Part 1)" and became a regular cast member from the episode "Silver War". David replaced Caitlin Todd, who was killed at the hands of Ziva's half-brother, Ari Haswari, in the Season 2 finale.

Ziva was an agent of the Israeli Mossad, originally assigned to NCIS as a liaison officer, a position she held for four years until she returned to Mossad in the Season 6 finale, "Aliyah". After being captured by terrorists in Somalia and presumed dead, she was eventually saved by Gibbs, Tony and McGee who brought her back to America to a reunion with Ducky and Abby.

Having recovered, Ziva later resigned from Mossad in Season 7 and became a probationary NCIS agent.
Upon passing her citizenship exam, Ziva was sworn in as a U.S. citizen with McGee, Ducky, Abby and Palmer being present at her ceremony.

In the Season 9 premiere episode "Nature of the Beast", after being a Probie for nearly two or three years, Ziva finally earned her status as an NCIS Special Agent.

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